• Lite

    15000 15000 or 12% of Monthly Spend

    • For Monthly Ads Spend Upto $4000 or Upto INR 200,000
    • Twitter Ads Account creation & Campaign strategies
    • Twitter Ads PPC account settings
    • Top keyword & Customer/ Audience behaviors research and selection
    • Twitter Ads PPC bid management
    • Twitter Ads Landing Page optimization
    • Twitter Ads campaign conversion tracking
    • Twitter Ads Account AB Testing
    • Twitter Ads Creative testing and optimization
    • Twitter Ads Campaign assessment and recommendations
    •  Twitter Ads PPC ROI tracking
    • Twitter Ads Conversion Path Analysis
    • Twitter Ads PPC monthly analysis
    • Twitter Ads Paid Search Advertising Audit
    • Twitter Ads Search Analytics Consulting
    • Twitter Ads AI Digital marketing strategies
  • Standard

    23000 23000 or 10% of Monthly Spend

    • For Monthly Ads Spend Upto Upto $8000 or Upto INR 400,000
    • Twitter Ads Account creation & Campaign strategies
    • Twitter Ads PPC account settings
    • Top keyword & Customer/ Audience behaviors research and selection
    • Twitter Ads PPC bid management
    • Twitter Ads Landing Page optimization
    • Twitter Ads campaign conversion tracking
    • Twitter Ads Account AB Testing
    • Twitter Ads Creative testing and optimization
    • Twitter Ads Campaign assessment and recommendations
    •  Twitter Ads PPC ROI tracking
    • Twitter Ads Conversion Path Analysis
    • Twitter Ads PPC monthly analysis
    • Twitter Ads Paid Search Advertising Audit
    • Twitter Ads Search Analytics Consulting
    • Twitter Ads AI Digital marketing strategies
  • Advanced

    40000 40000 or 8% of Monthly Spend

    • For Monthly Ads Spend Upto $15,000 or Upto INR 1,000,000
    • Twitter Ads Account creation & Campaign strategies
    • Twitter Ads PPC account settings
    • Top keyword & Customer/ Audience behaviors research and selection
    • Twitter Ads PPC bid management
    • Twitter Ads Landing Page optimization
    • Twitter Ads campaign conversion tracking
    • Twitter Ads Account AB Testing
    • Twitter Ads Creative testing and optimization
    • Twitter Ads Campaign assessment and recommendations
    •  Twitter Ads PPC ROI tracking
    • Twitter Ads Conversion Path Analysis
    • Twitter Ads PPC monthly analysis
    • Twitter Ads Paid Search Advertising Audit
    • Twitter Ads Search Analytics Consulting
    • Twitter Ads AI Digital marketing strategies

Twitter Pay-Per-Click | Paid Advertisement by Salesmotto

World Best Platform for Conversions

Twitter Advertisement by Salesmotto

Twitter Pay-Per-Click or paid advertisement and promotion are one of the effective ways of reaching target market in exactly the same time they are looking for the services or products you're providing. Twitter Advertisements helps place your advertisements before prospective customers. In Twitter Advertisements you simply pay every time a consumer clicks on your advertising or your ad is shown to prospective client.

Salesmotto team will help you to boost your twitter advertising performance or no pay show for us.

Salesmotto Pay-Per-Click or Paid Advertising solutions, Drive the Ideal Website Traffic to Your platform for More Conversions and Boost ROI. Raise your website traffic sales with exceptionally dependable ad campaign.

We know digital advertising and promotion is complicated. Our certified professionals are here in order to help you in creating a thriving digital advertising campaign. We'll create your campaign in only 3 Days.


Why Outsource Your Twitter Pay Per Click or Paid Ads Campaign Administration to Salesmotto?

We're Twitter Advertisement Partners. Our Account Managers are Twitter Ads certified. Our Account Managers recognizes the best way to generate leads from B2B and B2C businesses.

Whether you are planning to begin using Twitter Ads or feel that your existing projects aren't nearly enough enriched to create earnings that are desirable, your company might probably make the most of our outsourced PPC or Paid Advertising services?

If your Pay-Per-Click or Paid Advertising campaigns are not established intentionally according to your market demand, you may be paying a massive sum as compare to your competitors.

In order to find the best yield on your investment, it's crucial to stay ahead with comprehensive methods, strategies and tools. If your Pay-Per-Click or Paid Advertising campaigns aren't optimized regularly, you might be losing out on business in addition to losing your gains.


Benefits of Outsourcing Twitter Pay Per Click or Paid Ads Campaign Management with Salesmotto

- Boost conversions

- Improve your Return-On-Investment

- Get in touch with potential customers

- 100% information safety

- We ensure data integrity

- We Incorporate Pay Per Click or Paid Ads methods with your digital marketing strategy


Benefits of Twitter advertising


Low Cost per Click

On Twitter you can obtain clicks for pennies. Actually, the rate of a click is based upon the public auction. It has everything to do what people are willing to pay. Marketers will certainly locate life is extremely low-cost on Twitter because of the lack of advertising competition.


You Spend for Performance

When you advertise tweets on Twitter, you simply pay when you have achieved your advertising purpose. Whether your goal is web site conversions or Twitter engagement, you just pay when people take that action (any kind of extra organic impressions and also involvements are cost-free bonuses!). It coincides for every little thing with Twitter.


Customized Audiences

Did you recognize you can target every Twitter customer that follows certain accounts with your Twitter advertisements? And also develop your own tailored target market to target with your Twitter advertisements.


Tweet Engager Targeting

Tweet engager targeting is one more means to reach an audience in an incredibly targeted means. With this type of marketing, you remarket to people that recently saw or involved with your tweet.


Keyword Targeting

Key words targeting is an extremely fascinating and specific method to pursue particular people who have shown intent on Twitter.

You can target people that have actually utilized a certain word or hashtag in their Twitter upgrade (or individuals that have connected with tweets having those words) in the last seven days.


How we work

Stage 1: - Discussion between you as well as Salesmotto team

Stage 2: - We assign a dedicated Account Manager to handle your Twitter Advertisement Account

Stage 3: - Assigned Account Manager creates your Twitter Ads account as well as drafts project strategies. When done it goes to Salesmotto management team for evaluation. Once evaluated as well as finalized, we will send out the final draft to you for review as well as authorization.

Stage 4: - We utilize best-in-class tools to find best keyword phrases matches your product/service needs, also analyze customer behavior and draft strategies accordingly.

Stage 5: - Through our paid tools, We examine all your rivals information as well as settle the best proposal for search phrases selected for auction.

Stage 6: - Account Manager will then develop Project, Campaigns, Custom-made Advertisements and also Ad links. Proper drafting of these five are really vital in Twitter Advertisements success. A little error here will certainly lose your money.

Stage 7:- Account Manage will certainly study your target audience and also choose place and population analysis appropriately

Stage 8: - We will benchmark your industry standards and recommend you the best landing page optimization approaches

Stage 9:- We will help you to incorporate conversation tracking code with your website

Stage 10:- To optimize your account efficiency, we will carry out A/B screening, ads creative testing & Campaign evaluation

Stage 11:- To track all account tasks, we will implement PPC or Paid Ads ROI Tracking, perform Conversion Path Analysis, and Paid advertisement Weekly & Monthly analysis reports.

Stage 12: - Our Account Manager will certainly additionally execute your month-to-month Advertisement account audit as well as approaches to apply AI electronic marketing.

Stage 13:- Last but not least, we will offer you complimentary consulting on anything you inquire about Twitter Ads


Twitter advertising


  • Twitter's greater than 336 million energetic customers sending 550 million tweets a day use both opportunity as well as obstacle for brand name advertising. Yet with an energetic target market of that size as well as a pervasive visibility in today's interaction stream, the chances are well worth handling the challenges.
  • As organizations turn towards social media to up their reach, social systems additionally supply new and also amazing functions to brand names to support them take full advantage of their social existence. Twitter, one amongst the leading social media giants, has introduced many enhancements to help with service as well as promotion.
  • While we are aware of just how popular Facebook and also Twitter ads are, brands should not question the impact of Twitter ads. Twitter saw a 160% walking in engagement prices in 2017 and video ads are something that brands can utilize on. While there are many alternatives for running advertising campaign, brand names must take into consideration the advantages of Twitter advertisements that can make them attract attention.
  • As a result, Twitter has ended up being a leading social media system for businesses, allowing brands to engage with contests, live conversations and marketing. Twitter ads have actually ended up being an extremely valuable device for reaching this valuable target market.
  • Twitter offers 3 types of advertising and marketing choices: promoted tweets, promoted accounts as well as promoted trends. Concentrating on the requirements of our client base, we'll focus on all the three types.

Benefits of Twitter Ads for businesses owners


Twitter Ads Are Amazingly Cheap

You’d be stunned what you can do with $100 and a personalized audience list (which you can develop based on alternatives like identity, remarketing, interests, or keyword phrases). Seriously, you can invest just 4 or 5 cents per click on average with Twitter Ads


Improves Traffic on Website
Advertising and marketing on Twitter is valuable if you wish to improve website traffic on your internet site. Likewise Twitter is one of the vital social networks tools for driving website traffic to your blog. Your efforts on Twitter can cause real company results. When you carry out paid promotions on Twitter, your Tweet includes particular high web traffic keywords, produced utilizing key words tools. The keyword targeting helps your brand name not just by increasing the variety of followers on your Twitter profile, yet likewise by driving website traffic to your web landing page.


Build & Own your Online Audience:
Even more interestingly, Twitter allows you to get closer to a specific set of audience who are ready to follow you because you are satisfying their needs and also benefiting them as well. You can target audience based on their passions. You can qualify the search as per broad along with specific interests. When there's a lift in your followers, you can interact with them utilizing organic tweets and learn more about them much better.


Optimizing your Brand:
Back linking your web. making use of Twitter paid promos, you can attain the desired presence. With every web link associated to a tweet, you are enhancing your web site. Though it might not obtain the very same number of clicks that you could get or else, this absolutely improves the off web page Search Engine Optimization for your site. This backlinking technique likewise constructs a certain target market that has actually searched you, as well as currently has your brand's name at the top of their mind. The recall factor improves considerably with presence.

Increased Conversions:
If you've chosen to promote on Twitter, you should ensure that you upload a fantastic web content that lured the target market and also it ends up being legitimate in a way. The amount that is utilized to advertise will certainly not simply bring in visibility for your brand, but likewise raise conversions for the brand. An impressive Twitter campaign can work marvels for the brand name.


Twitter Ads Beats Guest Blogging

One of the most prominent ways individuals attempt to construct their individual brand name is by tapping into the existing audience of a popular and reputable industry publication via guest blogging. A big publication will certainly publish as well as advertise your content , exposing you (and also your firm) to new readers. More people will certainly understand who you are (and hopefully fall for you).


Target Marketing:
With Twitter, you can find individuals that have similar interests, which can assist you target your potential clients. As an example, if your company is selling designer clothes, you can quickly find various other fashion lovers and follow them. Through networking, you can build your own following as well as create long-lasting relationships that can result in sales. The procedure of "retweeting," where your fans send your tweets on other interested events, can also construct your prospect base


Twitter Advertisements Are Ridiculously Targeted

Twitter's advertisement targeting is remarkably great.


Twitter Lets You Network With Influential People

Not everyone gets on Twitter. But the people who do hang around on Twitter have a tendency to be a lot more significant. If you're significant concerning individual branding, Twitter virtually has the best target market for that. All the people you intend to be like are on Twitter. You can hop on their radar. Twitter is truly significant in certain sectors-- information, technology, national politics, advertising, and celebrities. If your company has any type of link with these sectors, then make use of Twitter Advertisements to grow your influence and begin knocking elbows with one of the most significant people in your area.


Comparatively Affordable:
If you are usually strapped of time as well as resources, you must go with Twitter Ads for your brand. Whoever said paid promotions online is economical was fantasizing! It entails a great amount of expense. If you are a local business and desire to invest in paid marketing, you can select Twitter advertisements. Twitter ads don't make you invest a lot of money. As an example a paid Google click based upon key phrases can cost you $20 per click. On the other hand, Twitter ad might cost you $1 for the same key phrase.

For cash-strapped small-business owners, using Twitter can be an economical means to reach clients and prospects around the world. There is on the house to open as well as run a Twitter account, so your only linked expenses are your computer system as well as Internet link, which you most likely already have. You can send out and receive tweets using smart phones such as mobile phone at no cost apart from those called for by your company, such as the price for text. Twitter provides extra marketing devices at no or inexpensive.

Twitter permits you to get your message out at any time of day or night immediately. If you discover a vital little info that can be of instant advantage to your fans, you can send out a fast tweet and gain an affordable benefit.


Salesmotto Twitter Ad solutions include


There are 3 types of Twitter ads you can run:

- Promoted Tweets-- to show tweets to individuals that are not following you.

- Promoted Accounts-- to enhance your followers on twitter.

- Promoted Trends-- to utilize a #hashtag to advertise one of the most trending subjects which show up on the explore page, in the twitter app and on individual's timelines.


App Card

Brands that have a mobile application will utilize this kind of ad to drive application installs. When users click this advertisement, they will be taken to the application shop for download. This app offering includes space for a title, description, symbol, and also application price or ratings.


Conversational Card

Taking promoted tweets to an entire brand-new level, Conversational Cards will certainly show a call-to-action switch with customizable hashtags. By clicking on the switch, a pre-populated message created by your brand will certainly turn up for the user to tweet and help continue the conversation YOU have begun.


Lead Generation Card
Businesses that intend to accumulate qualified leads on Twitter will use this kind of advertisement to record email addresses to grow their data source.


Photo Card
Now called the "Summary Card with Huge Picture," the Photo Card permits you to place a full-width photo, title, summary, and web link along with your desired tweet. Clicking on the picture will take the customer to your web site, in contrast to the natural tweet which broadens the image to a full-screen version of your tweet. This kind is suitable for raising web website traffic for projects that rely on artistic content.


Gallery Card
This type of advertisement resembles the Photo Card, however allows your brand to display a range of products or pictures from your site to provide a sneak peek of what they will discover when they click through.


Website Card
Companies trying to enhance internet website traffic will utilize this type of advertisement to send users to any kind of site or landing web page they desire. The card has space for a horizontal picture, text, web link, and also a call-to-action button for impressive results.


Player Card
A place for music, video, or GIFs you want to share as part of your marketing campaign. This is one of the most effective cards which encourages users to watch, listen and click-through to your content


Summary Card
As an organic tweet, these usually turned up in a search when the individual has actually only consisted of a link along with their text-- almost like a "default" tweet. It consists of a title, description, thumbnail image, and also direct link to your content.


Product Card

This is the most effective ad choice for retailers. Product Cards let you display your products with an area for a photo, description of approximately 200 characters, product details, and price or stock schedule.

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Highly Competitive Costing


Excellent 24X7 Customer Support & Performance Tracking for better Productivity 


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