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Advanced Keyword Analysis

We use advance SEO tools like AHREFS, SEMRush, Moz, Longtail keywords etc to find best keywords for your industry.

What is advanced keyword analysis?

Advanced keyword analysis is the process of evaluating the keywords or search phrases that bring visitors to the website through organic and paid/Inorganic search. As such, keyword analysis is the initial point and foundation of search marketing campaigns. By understanding what queries qualified visitors to your website type into search engines, search marketers can better customize their content and landing pages to drive more traffic and increase conversion rates. Keyword analysis and selection is an important strategy for both search engine optimization and pay per click experts.

Keyword analysis helps to increase conversions, find new markets, and optimize spend, but it needs time-consuming examination and decision making to beat your keyword competition. The Salesmotto Keyword Analysis takes the analysis of your website keywords a step further by not only analyzing your keywords, but also suggesting actions and automating your activity for the best efficiency and results.

The Importance of Keyword Analysis

Search marketing is no different, and since keywords command your entire search campaign, keyword analysis should be your primary focus. Analyzing keywords will help you in following ways:

  • Optimize Spend: Allocate more budget to successful keywords and eliminate wasteful spending on those that aren't producing results
  • Increase Conversions:Identifying and focusing on most searchable keywords is good for conversion rate optimization and return on investment (ROI)
  • Eye Trends:Knowledge of keyword search frequency provides insight into market trends which you can apply to multiple aspects of your business
  • Prioritize Your Time: Keyword performance guides campaign importance spend your time optimizing areas that have the biggest impact on your lowermost line.
  • Find New Markets: Use keyword analysis to expand your long tail efforts and discover more precise keyword queries and corresponding warm leads.

Despite all the benefits, most organizations don't spend nearly enough time on keyword analysis because it's time-consuming and repetitive. With keyword analysis from Salesmotto, analyzing keywords and capitalizing on data is effective and simplified, making you more productive.

How Salesmotto can help you?

Salesmotto removes this time waste, streamlining the process of analyzing keywords, highlighting the vital marketing performance metrics, and prioritizing actions to greatly improve your efficiency while all together improving your PPC performance.

Keyword Analysis with Salesmotto

Google AdWords also includes a details data report contains keyword clicks and campaign success. However, it is difficult to examine keywords and how they relate to each other from inside these tools.

Salesmotto evaluates keyword popularity and visit totals to segment keyword groups for you. Highly relevant keyword groups are very crucial step towards improving your Quality Score.

Salesmotto’s expert team ensures your keywords are segmented as connectedly as possible. Our experts determines the best segmentations based on key keywords analysis as well as any additional filters and rules that you define.

Salesmotto Account managers add potential keywords to your account, so whenever people enter keywords to find specific service, they find your website on top of google search engine. We add keywords to your account on daily basis. Existing keywords will be updated with the most recent visit data, and new keywords will flow through to groups. In other words, your keyword segmentation, long tail metrics and visit tallies are always added to your account based on present data analysis and results.

Salesmotto ’s AdWords Performance matrix is a comprehensive report that helps you evaluate how your AdWords campaigns are performing on several key criteria, such as:

  • Long-tail keyword optimization
  • Effective use of negative keywords
  • Quality Score

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